Indianapolis Archdiocese Cuts Ties with Jesuit School Over Refusal to Fire Gay Teacher

via Indianapolis Star:

The Archdiocese of Indianapolis is cutting ties with Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School after the school refused to fire a gay teacher.

Brebeuf, which is sponsored by the USA Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus, received notice Thursday that the Archdiocese will issue a canonical decree Friday stating that the Archbishop will no longer formally recognize Brebeuf Jesuit as a Catholic school in the Archdiocese.

Brian G. Paulson, provincial for the Midwest Jesuits, called the decision “disappointing” in a statement posted to the group’s website. He said the Midwest Jesuits and Brebeuf, which is in northwest Indianapolis, have been fighting the Archdiocese over the gay teacher for the last two years.

The school became aware in the summer of 2017 that one of its teachers married a person of the same sex. Paulson said it became publicly known via social media.

“Brebeuf’s administration and Board of Trustees have determined that following the Archdiocese’s directive would not only violate their informed conscience on this particular matter, but also would set a concerning precedent for future interference in the school’s operations and other matters that have historically been the right and privilege of Brebeuf Jesuit officials,” Paulson said in his statement.

He said the teacher is a “longtime valued employee of the school” and does not teach religion.

You can read the school’s full statement here.