Venezuelan Archbishop: Restoring Democracy, Not Outside Force, Is Best Response to Illegitimate Maduro Regime

via Vatican News:

In an interview with Vatican News, Archbishop Jose Luis Azuaje Ayala of Maracaibo said Venezuela’s bishops appreciate the Pope’s words in support of their people….

Archbishop Azuaje said one extreme faction in the country is hoping an outside force will come to resolve the political crisis, whether it be a military intervention led by the United States or some “messiah”.

These unlikely events, he said, are not the real solution. “The path forward is simply that we – as Venezuelans, with the support of the international community – find solutions to this serious problem that we have.”…

Maduro, said Archbishop Azuaje, is an illegitimate president, “because the elections were illegitimate and full of irregularities.”

The Archbishop called for a return to the Constitution to guarantee a democratic process and a way out of Venezuela’s political and economic crisis.