Pope Francis: Titles and Connections Don’t Count for Salvation, Only the Demanding Path of Love

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via Zenit:

Jesus makes it clear that it is not a question of number, there is no “quota,” in Paradise! But it is a question of crossing the right path, which exists, for everyone , but it is narrow. That is the question. Jesus does not want to deceive us, saying: “Yes, rest assured, it is easy, there is a beautiful highway and at the end, a big door …” No, Jesus tells us things as they are: the passage is narrow. What do you mean? In the sense that to be saved, one must love God and one’s neighbor, and this is not, comfortable! It is a “narrow door” because it is demanding, it requires commitment, indeed, “effort”, that is to say, a determined and persevering will to live according to the Gospel. St. Paul calls it “the good fight of the faith” (1 Tim 6:12).

Here’s the problem! The Lord will not recognize us for the titles we have… But Lord I was part of that association, friends with that monsignor, with that cardinal, that group, that priest. Titles do not count. The Lord will only recognize us for a good humble and good life, a life of faith that is translated into works.