Grotto Profiles Molly Burhans, Millennial Catholic Named UN Young Champion of the Earth

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What would you say to other young adults who have a passion they feel called to follow?

If you have an idea that needs to happen — something very important to share with the world that is authentically from your heart and you’ve discerned that it’s your calling — I would say absolutely go for it. The fear will be there. But that’s what courage is. Having courage doesn’t mean you’re not afraid. It’s moving forward in the face of fear….

What’s at stake with climate change, and what role can the Church play in this fight?

I think we’ve got like 12 years to not completely destroy the planet and turn things around. When people hear that stuff, I think it’s easy to shut down because it’s so big and so scary in a way. There’s a lot of fear and there’s a lot of hopelessness out there from this. But you have to understand the current environment and the current conditions well to be able to change and create a different future — to be able to model scenarios to say, “If we do make these changes, this is the better future we have. Or if we don’t, this is the future.”

I hope that people can find less fear and more courage to just take action to go towards that better future, even if it isn’t perfect. No time has been perfect since the Garden of Eden.

We have the power to change. We have the power to find common ground for caring for a common home. We can make a difference. I’m absolutely convinced that if faith the size of a mustard seed can enable us to move mountains, then it can help us contribute to their conservation, preservation, and integrity for generations to come.