6 Rules for Surviving Catholic Twitter Without Losing Your Soul

Mike Jordan Laskey writes:

My first rule is to curate the feed carefully. There are really fantastic, informative Catholic Twitter accounts out there. They are nourishment for my faith. I find them and follow them. I do not follow others. The main downside of careful curation is that it’s easy to turn my feed into an echo chamber, featuring only those I agree with on most topics. I try to let an account’s tone and generosity of spirit lead my curation more than its view on women’s ordination or guitar Masses, for example.

My second rule is to use the “mute” button liberally….

Third, in the words of Deadspin columnist Albert Burneko, it’s OK to log off. I need to get out of there once in a while….

Fourth, borrowing from my friend Michael Bayer and others, I don’t engage those with anonymous accounts. Any semblance of actual conversation on Catholic Twitter requires two real, accountable people.

Fifth, don’t hit “tweet” on posts I wouldn’t dare say in real life. Easy one. And a sixth and related one, always pray more and try to be more like Jesus in my online (and offline) interactions.