Top Catholic Leaders in Hong Kong Back Protesters

via CNS:

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, retired bishop of Hong Kong and a longtime supporter of anti-government protests, and Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Ha Chi-shing have been involved in both the protests and actively supporting protesters. Cardinal John Tong Hon, once retired but serving as acting bishop since January, also has shown support.

In June, up to 2 million Hong Kong citizens marched in street protests, demanding Hong Kong withdraw an Extradition Bill that would have allowed extradition of fugitives to mainland China.

In July, once it was clear the protests would continue well beyond their initial two weekends, Tong and Pastor Su Chengyi, chairman of the Hong Kong Christian Association, issued a joint statement. They listed four requests: that the government withdraw the revised draft of the Extradition Bill with China that triggered the protests; that the government establish an independent investigative committee to find the truth about the clashes between protesters and the government; that all parties exercise restraint and avoid provocation; and that the government dialogue with representatives of different sectors of society to resolve the issues.