Extending Fraternal Solidarity Worldwide

Highlights from New Forms of Solidarity: Towards Fraternal Inclusion, Integration and Innovation (I+I+I):

Throughout his public life, Jesus not only preached about justice, but also lived it through solidarity and mercy with his neighbors, but especially with the disenfranchised of his time. When asked which was the most important commandment, he answered with “love the Lord, your God […], and love your neighbor as yourself” (Mt 22: 37). Hence he set a paradigm by which we must measure our deeds and structures….

In times of increasing social and economic inequality, when democracy is under trial and societies are manipulated by interests favoring chaos and social disarticulation all over the world, it is more necessary than ever to recover solidarity among individuals, peoples, governments and international organizations.

When solidarity and the common good, “the ultimate and organizational foundations of life in society” (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, § 163), stop being taken as moral duties, discord takes over societies.

In the midst of the social, political and economic crisis of inequality which we are experiencing throughout Europe and America, and the climate crisis which affects our planet and leads to the displacement and rejection of those harmed by this process, we need love and solidarity for the environment and climate refugees to overcome and heal these wounds….

If political, economic, social and cultural relationships and systems are not imbued with the values of solidarity and dialogue, and amplified under the institutional dimensions of global community organisations, the common good will not be safeguarded…..

Likewise, we face challenges of wealth distribution, and an unfair distribution of human and environmental exploitation in global value chains, as Pope Francis writes all along the Laudato Si’….

You cannot serve both God and money (Mt 6:24). And God must be served as He requested, by loving one’s neighbor and showing solidarity to those in need (Mt 25:35). The only solution for world peace is to extend fraternal solidarity worldwide.