Young People Are Experiencing Loneliness and Isolation But Not Loss of Faith During the Corona Crisis

Christopher White writes:

A new study finds that while young people are experiencing heightened levels of loneliness and isolation as a result of social distancing, they are not experiencing a decline in their faith.

Among those surveyed, 35 percent of respondents said that they are actually experiencing an increase of faith, and 46 percent attested to having developed new religious practices.

Yet while Church leaders may be relieved by that data, 50 percent of those who’ve attended an online service also reported they don’t have anyone to talk to about how they are feeling, and 44 percent report feeling isolated because no one has reached out to them….

Jonathan Lewis, assistant secretary for pastoral ministry for the Archdiocese of Washington and also an auditor at the Synod, concurred, telling Crux “the number one way to pass on the faith is through thick relational ties.”

“It’s what Jesus did when he called people by name and it’s what still works. It’s just that in our culture that’s increasingly challenging for engaging young people along that process of faith,” said Lewis.

“Emerging adults and young adults are some of the most transient, if not the most transient population, in the history of the United States,” he continued. “As a result, churches have a very difficult time knowing them and maintaining relationships.”