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The Tipped Red Tricycle: Why Economic Growth Is Not Enough by Amber Lapp: “One goal, then, ought to be to encourage the kinds of workplace conditions that support families—paid sick and family leave, a just wage, fair scheduling practices, and company culture that thinks long-term and for the good of its employees rather than short-term and only for the good of its investors.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Predicted This Moment by Gene Sperling: “Economic dignity means providing people with the capacity to care for family, pursue their potential and a sense of purpose, and contribute economically free from domination and humiliation. It is about more than putting food on the table: It’s about making sure Americans have the chance to be at that table with their loved ones. It’s about ensuring that economic deprivation and structural disadvantage don’t deny people life’s most precious, God-given moments, from bonding with newborns to caring for aging parents.”

A Time to Save the Sick and Rescue the Planet by António Guterres: “The impact of the coronavirus is immediate and dreadful. We must act now and we must act together. Just as we must act together to address another urgent global emergency that we must not lose sight of — climate change.”

Armed mobs: the grim apotheosis of libertarianism by Michael Sean Winters: “Those “Erroneous Autonomy” conferences started in 2014, which seems like a lifetime ago. Dark as the threat of libertarianism appeared then, none of us foresaw what we witnessed last week, armed protesters storming a citadel of democracy. The rest was predictable: the abuse of symbols, the racism, the self-contradictions, the totalitarian itch. But the threat of violence, expressed so openly and in such a raw fashion, this is new. Let the condemnations be swift and loud, before it is too late.”

The immigrant reality during COVID-19 by Edith Avila Olea: “In the midst of COVID-19, I feel as though we’re all walking through some degree of the hardships listed in the beatitudes. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has spared no group of people. Yet, we must recognize that the pandemic has impacted some groups of people more than others. Around the country, the pandemic has devastated minority communities, specifically black and Latino communities.”

Nuns vs. the Coronavirus by Emma Green: “The Jeanne Jugan Residence, named for the founder of the Little Sisters, was the first facility in Delaware to face a COVID-19 outbreak. Over a few weeks in March and April, roughly one in five residents died, and many others fell sick. The staff, along with the 11 sisters who live there, worked frantically as the virus spread through the home, with one resident after another rapidly deteriorating. At one point, three people died in a single day. So far, 11 people have died of complications related to presumed or confirmed cases of COVID-19.”

Pay attention by Katie Scott: “Be attentive to the moment. Yeah, buzzwordy. But when you try to truly do it, it’s tough. Especially now when there are so many worries on our minds. But the fruits are precious.”

Do US bishops really believe black lives matter? by Olga Segura: “At a time when so many young Catholics of color are frustrated with the institutional church, what example do our leaders set for the flock when they seem to align themselves publicly with the president?”

Shelter-In-Place Reflections on Family Life by Amber Lapp: “The question is, when the pandemic is over, will we find a new normal that continues to honor the demands and priorities of family life?”