Democratic Lawmakers Urge Party to Step Away from Extreme, Unpopular Abortion Position

Via CNS:

About 100 current and former Democratic lawmakers from several states urged the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee Aug. 14 “to moderate its official position on abortion,” saying many party leaders support abortion policies “radically out of line with public opinion.”

“Many Democratic leaders support abortion at any time, for any reason; this position is opposed by 79% of Americans,” said the letter, posted on the website of Democrats for Life. It was sent three days ahead of the start of the virtual Democratic National Convention Aug. 17-20….

They said they are “united by three major concerns”:

— “We are concerned that many Democratic leaders support policies on abortion that are radically out of line with public opinion.”

In addition to running counter to a majority of Americans opposing abortion for any reason at any time, the party’s platform endorses taxpayer funding of abortion, “opposed by a supermajority of the population,” and taxpayer funding of abortion in developing countries, “opposed by three-fourths of voters,” the letter said.

— “We are concerned that, due to this wide disparity, the Democratic Party is alienating voters.”

In 389 out of 435 congressional districts, a majority of voters support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, the letter said. “When Democratic leaders support late-term abortion, they push many voters into the arms of the Republican Party. Many people holding pro-life views are single-issue voters.”

— “Finally, we are concerned about the betrayal of Democratic Party values.”

The party’s “extreme position on “abortion rights violates our commitment to inclusivity and diversity,” the letter said, citing polling that shows one in three Democrats are pro-life. “We must respect and include these 21 million Democrats,” the letter said.

The letter’s signers urged the Platform Committee to this year reintroduce conscience language from the 2000 platform into the 2020 platform acknowledging “that Americans have differing and deeply held views on abortion.”