Archdiocese of Santa Fe ‘Appalled’ National Catholic Prayer Breakfast Will Honor Attorney General Barr

via the Archdiocese of Santa Fe:

It has come to our attention that a non-profit group called the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, which is not an official Catholic organization, will honor Attorney General William Barr with their Christifideles Laici award on September 23, 2020 “In Honor and Gratitude for Fidelity to the Church, Exemplary Selfless and Steadfast Service in the Lord’s Vineyard.” We are appalled this group will honor Attorney General Barr in light of the fact he just recently began executions of federal prisoners; something that has not been done since 2003.Catholic teaching on capital punishment (the death penalty) is clear. The Church teaches that “the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person, and she works with determination for its abolition worldwide” (Catechism of the Catholic Church#2267)….

There is no justifiable reason to support government-sponsored execution as punishment for even the most heinous crimes. We possess means in today’s society to render the perpetrators harmless through life in prison without parole. With this in mind, we call for the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast to withdraw their honor of Attorney General Barr; and we call on Attorney General Barr to stop all federal executions. Let us not become the evil we despise.