How Should Pro-Life Biden Voters Approach His Presidency?

In an interview with America, whole life advocate John Carr says:

I could not support President Trump for reasons of character, issues of racism and because of his efforts to divide the nation. I expressed my support for Vice President Biden because of the good he could do to bring the country together, help overcome the pandemic, lift up those at the bottom and respect the dignity of immigrants. While my decision was clear, it was not without reservation. I made clear that I did not support Mr. Biden because he had embraced the extremism of his party on abortion but in spite of his new opposition to the Hyde Amendment and restrictions of any kind on abortion. The destruction of unborn children is a fundamental failure to protect the most vulnerable among us and the clearest example of the “throwaway culture” in our nation.

Many members of the Catholic community and others who voted for Mr. Biden did so to promote racial, economic and environmental justice—not to undermine human life. We need to urge President Biden and his administration to pursue these priorities, which were at the center of his campaign, not an abortion agenda that could undermine his efforts to unite the nation in a time of crisis….

Speak up, stand up, be visible. Consistent-ethic-of-life Catholics need to be consistent, defending the unborn and the undocumented, opposing the death penalty and racism, caring for the Earth and the poorest people on Earth. We should remind the elites in the Democratic Party that we are a crucial part of their winning coalition and a key to their future. They push us out at their political peril and will need our help to advance the priorities we share….

We will have to continue to engage and persuade our fellow citizens of the humanity of the unborn child and the fact that abortion is not the way to solve difficult problems for a woman, a family or society.