Pope Praises Those Who Have Sacrificed For Others in 2020

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

via Vatican News:

Pope Francis praised the “many people who, without making noise, have tried to make the weight of the trial more bearable.” He singled out not only healthcare workers, and priests and religious on the front lines, but also “all those who strive every day in the best way possible to carry on their service to their families and to those who are committed in their service to the common good.” He singled out especially teachers and school administrators, as well as civic leaders who put the good of others, especially the most disadvantaged, ahead of their own private interests.

“All this cannot happen without the grace, without the mercy of God,” Pope Francis said. “How is it possible… that so many people, without any other reward than of doing good, found the strength to be concerned about others?” he asked. “In the end, even if they themselves are not aware of it, what fortifies them is God’s strength which is more powerful than our selfishness.” And so, the Pope said, “For this reason, this evening we give praise to Him, because we believe and we know that all the good that is accomplished day after day on earth, in the end, comes from Him, comes from God.”