Remembering the Tulsa Race Massacre

Here are some recent articles on the Tulsa Race Massacre, as people reflect upon the 100th anniversary:

What the Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed by NY Times: “    Imagine a community of great possibilities and prosperity built by Black people for Black people. Places to work. Places to live. Places to learn and shop and play. Places to worship. Now imagine it being ravaged by flames.”

Tulsa isn’t the only race massacre you were never taught in school. Here are others. by Gillian Brockell: “With President Biden commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre Tuesday, many Americans are learning for the first time about the nation’s long history of racist rampages, particularly during (but not limited to) the period from the 1870s to the 1920s — considered by many a nadir in the fight for Black civil rights.”

What I’ve Learned Teaching the Tulsa Race Massacre for Two Decades by Hannibal B. Johnson: “Learning this history is necessary if we are to advance toward racial reconciliation, but it is not sufficient. We also must build trust across racial groups. In Tulsa, trust was among the casualties of the massacre, and restoring it remains difficult and is ongoing. But it is possible.”

5 Lessons the Tulsa Race Massacre Teaches Us about Racism Today by Jemar Tisby: “Against those who believe that if Black people simply acquire enough wealth then they will be able to escape the worst impacts of racism, the Tulsa Race Massacre cries out in protest.”