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The Facebook Papers: ‘History Will Not Judge Us Kindly’ by Adrienne LaFrance: “Thousands of pages of internal documents offer the clearest picture yet of how Facebook endangers American democracy—and show that the company’s own employees know it.”

Going Gray by Susan Bigelow Reynolds: “Death was doing its thing on the world. The hair was my own memento mori, a cross of ashes threaded onto my body. Reminders of death’s nearness were everywhere, and they were almost uniformly terrifying. But these slivers of gray forecasted my someday-death in a different voice: they felt beautiful, familiar, like the whisper of a confidant.”

Where are Hawley’s real ideas for fixing American manhood? by Christine Emba: “A real man is a husband and father, Hawley says, and the United States needs men who will “raise up sons and daughters after them.” Okay. If you’re interested, senator, there’s a fight for paid parental leave — for mothers and fathers — going on in Congress right now. Paid leave seems like an obvious policy choice to help American men become more present to their families. Oddly, it seems to be garnering support only from the very liberals you inveigh against. If conservatives care about the family, maybe they should try supporting it.”

US bishops lost about how to engage a culture they don’t understand by Michael Sean Winters: “These most American of prelates want “success” but success is not a category we find in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In America, it is the shepherds who are the most lost of all.”

I Grew Up Poor. How Am I Supposed to Raise My Middle-Class Kids? by Esau McCaulley: “Still, I can teach my children the most important lesson my mother taught me: Our circumstances do not determine our worth. My kids are not in some ontologically different category than poor kids. If they are ever tempted to look down upon others, I remind them to see the face of their father on the visages of the poor.”

If This Country Won’t Listen to Moms, I’m Asking Men to Start Shouting by Jessica Grose: “Matthews believes we can increase the salience of paid leave for men and for more conservative voters by elevating new narratives. Many people tune out these new-mom stories (which is why I’m so full of rage right now), but if we want to be savvy about getting support for this issue, we should start telling stories like the ones Matthews heard from rural men when she was conducting focus groups.”

Five Ways to Exercise Your Thankfulness Muscles by Tish Harrison Warren: “This posture of receptiveness — living as the thankful beneficiary of gifts — is the path of joy because it reminds us that we do not have to be the makers and sustainers of our life. Gratitude is how we embrace beauty without clutching it so tightly that we strangle it.”

When I Stopped Drinking, I Started Running. God Found Me. by José Dueño Gorbea, SJ: “It had become more than a social pastime and was affecting my sleep, mood, work and relationships. It became clear to me in prayer that alcohol was hindering my life. Soon after I stopped drinking, I realized I needed a new activity to distract me, release some energy, and fill in the time that I would have spent otherwise. I decided to pick up running.”

Self-Sufficiency Is Overrated by Sarah Wildman: “Covid isolation — from which we are gingerly emerging but have not quite escaped — has shown us the limits of our cherished self-sufficiency. Alone, disconnected from one another, we are not actually fine.”