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The Systemic Realities Created by Legal Abortion by Tish Harrison Warren: “Instead of building the equality of women on our actual flourishing, we as a culture predicate gender equality on a technological intervention that denies what female bodies actually are and what they do.”

How pro-lifers should approach the economics of abortion by Patrick Brown: “As the pro-life movement contemplates the potential end of the Roe v. Wade regime, it runs the risk of being caught flat-footed. There is no point in waiting for the court’s decision this summer. The work of advancing public policy that seeks to make abortion not just illegal, but unthinkable, can — and must — begin today.”

Cash Aid to Poor Mothers Increases Brain Activity in Babies, Study Finds by Jason DeParle: “A study that provided poor mothers with cash stipends for the first year of their children’s lives appears to have changed the babies’ brain activity in ways associated with stronger cognitive development, a finding with potential implications for safety net policy.”

Survey of Americans Who Attempted Suicide Finds Many Aren’t Getting Care by Ellen Barry: “Suicide attempts in the United States showed a “substantial and alarming increase” over the last decade, but one number remained the same, a new study has found: Year in and year out, about 40 percent of people who had recently tried suicide said they were not receiving mental health services.”

How Do You Respond When an Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid? by James Martin: “Don’t find another person’s misery the subject of mirth, glee or satisfaction. Doing so is mean. It’s immoral. And one day you may be the unfortunate one.”

We should pray for peace in Ukraine — and avoid the moral danger of being a bystander by MSW: “Whatever policies President Biden and other Western leaders decide to pursue, I hope they will remain mindful of Snyder’s astute moral warning. I hope they will recognize the moral danger of being a bystander.”

California might expand abortion funding. What about help for mothers who carry to term? by Maria Valencia, Gina Vides, Maria Martinez-Mont: “The $61 million additional abortion funding in the governor’s budget solves none of the reproductive justice issues we see. It leaves a woman still housing insecure, or poor, or in an abusive relationship, or unsupported in some other fashion. These recommendations target poor Black and Brown women, many of whom don’t want an abortion. According to the most recent Gallup poll in May, the majority of low-income people identify as pro-life, and according to a new Knights of Columbus/Marist poll, 68 percent of Latinos and African Americans support restrictions on abortion.”

The Rising Human Cost of Sports Betting by Kurt Streeter: “The bitter truth of addiction is obscured by the smarmy ads and compromising relationships, and yet federal oversight is downright nonexistent.”

Catholics and the Fascist Temptation by Daniel Rober: “One of the key pillars of the post-1945 world order was the “never again” sensibility—that the fascist movements that brought about World War II and its horrors could not be allowed to return. The church’s embrace of religious freedom and opening to other religions (especially Judaism) at Vatican II was in part a response to that moment and the horrors that preceded it. We owe it to the architects of the Council, many of whom were involved in the resistance to fascism, to resist it again.”