Cardinal McElroy: Diocese Won’t Publish EWTN Content

via NCR:

San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy sharply criticized the Eternal Word Television Network, the conservative Catholic U.S. media conglomerate, in an interview with Spanish magazine Vida Nueva published on March 24.

Vida Nueva asked McElroy about the decision of newly installed Bishop Fernando Prado of San Sebastián, Spain, to ban diocesan television from carrying content produced by EWTN. Prado wrote that he made the decision “trying to support the communion of the diocese with the Successor of Peter.”

“I would not have EWTN on diocesan media either,” McElroy responded.

“EWTN worries me because it represents a giant of economic and cultural power connected to a religious viewpoint that is fundamentally critical of the pope,” the cardinal said.

“The main anchors of the channel constantly minimize the abilities and theological knowledge of Francis, cite Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s slander of the pope and try to move the world away from the reforms the pope is signaling,” said McElroy….

McElroy said that Francis has encountered so much opposition because of his “intention of completing the work of the Second Vatican Council,” as well as his “constant inclusion of the experiences and spiritual points of view of the Global South at the center of the life of the church.”