Dan DiLeo in Political Theology: Values, Paradigms, and Convictions

Millennial writer Dan DiLeo has a great article in Political Theology Today in which he explores how one’s ideology and preconceptions (or in anthropological terms, “fundamental values, root paradigms, and ‘global pre-scientific convictions'”) can stand in the way of being open to the radical conversion to which Christ calls us, specifically referencing the Catholic Right’s response to the Pope’s teaching on economics.  DiLeo says:

Neither Evangelii Gaudium in particular nor Catholic sociopolitical thought in general fit neatly onto the American political landscape, and given this U.S. Catholics must approach the public square with a paradigm that is fundamentally Catholic rather than rooted in any a priori political ideology—conservative, liberal, or otherwise. Towards this end, Catholics can use the anthropological concepts of fundamental values, root paradigms, and “global pre-scientific convictions” to thoughtfully and honestly assess the extent to which responses to church teaching are ultimately rooted in authentic openness to the fullness of the church’s message or guided by some other deeper ideological commitment.

The full article can be read here.