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No Good Without God by Fr. Robert Barron: “Removing God is tantamount to removing the ground for the basic goods, and once the basic goods have been eliminated, all that is left is the self-legislating and self-creating will. Thus, we should be wary indeed when atheists and agnostics blithely suggest that morality can endure apart from God. Much truer is Dostoyevsky’s observation that once God is removed, anything is permissible.”

A different take on ‘threats to family life’ by Kevin Clarke: “They can start with the simple fact that just to stay above water, both spouses have to be way-more-than-gainfully employed, and then they can move on to the lack of decent and affordable child care and the compounding worries over public schools, saving for health crises, the hyper-escalating cost of college, and so on.”

The Unemployment Crisis by Nathaniel Romano, SJ: “To simply allow millions to lose the only source of income they might have while they try to find a new job, to simply allow them to slide even further down the ladder, without anything else – well, that is just cruel.”

The U.S. Economy Does Not Value Caregivers by Anne-Marie Slaughter: “I imagine a new America in which citizens recognize that providers of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual care are as indispensable to our society and our economy as providers of income.”

Aitazaz Hassan Bangash dies stopping suicide bomber at school in Pakistan by CNN: “A 14-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero in Pakistan for tackling a suicide bomber — dying at the main gate of his school and saving schoolmates gathered for their morning assembly.”

Breastfeed babies if you want, pope tells mothers in Sistine Chapel by Reuters: “Pope Francis baptized 32 babies in the Sistine Chapel on Sunday and told their mothers, including one who was married in a civil service rather than in church, to have no qualms about breast-feeding them there.”

Forced Abortions Highlight Abuses in China Policy by AP: “When her mind is clear, Gong Qifeng can recall how she begged for mercy. Several people pinned her head, arms, knees and ankles to a hospital bed before driving a syringe of labor-inducing drugs into her stomach. She was seven months pregnant with what would have been her second boy. The drugs caused her to have a stillborn baby after 35 hours of excruciating pain. She was forced to have the abortion by officials in China’s southern province of Hunan in the name of complying with national limits on family size.”

Francis uses red hats to offer lesson on global church by John Allen: “For his first crop of new cardinals, Pope Francis also seems to be using red hats to teach. In effect, the first pontiff from the developing world is offering a lesson in the realities of life in a global church.”

The War on Women by Ross Douthat: “…female writers come in for an extraordinary amount of abuse online…The anecdotes, her own and others, range from the offensive to the terrifying, but there’s also a thudding, soul-crushing sameness to them: graphic threats of sexual violence, rape and murder, intertwining and repeating.”