Top 15 Breaking News Stories on Pope Francis in 2013 on Millennial

One of the tasks we embraced in 2013 was keeping our readers updated on the latest news on Pope Francis. Not everyone has the time to keep tabs on the Vatican press, but our readers clearly had the desire to follow the pope’s activities and words. Luckily, contributing editor and Millennial co-founded Christopher Hale embraced this roll and alerted us to the newest stories out of the Vatican, including those that went on to become big stories internationally. Here’s a list of some of the most popular breaking news stories on Pope Francis in 2013:

15. Pope on gay people: ‘Who am I to judge?’

14. Francis fires Vatican Bank Director, begins organizational overhaul

13. Francis requests parish-level participation in upcoming synod

12. Romero’s canonization ‘unblocked’ by Pope Francis

11. Pope Francis cutting cardinals’ pay, will give extra money to charity

10. Pope Francis: Women Are Crucial to the Catholic Church

9. Pope Francis strikes again with Evangelii Gaudium

8. Pope Breaking Tradition, Will Visit Prison and Wash Feet of Inmates on Holy Thursday

7. Vatican confirms that Pope Francis will appoint women to key positions

6. Pope Francis telephones depressed pregnant single woman, offers to baptize child

5. Pope Francis removes Cardinal Burke from Congregation of the Bishops

4. Pope Washing the Feet of Women at Holy Thursday Mass

3. Pope Francis kisses man with a rare disorder

2. Records Show Pope Francis Supported Gay Unions

1. Pope Francis Rejects Apostolic Palace, Will Live In Guest Apartment