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Unmuting Working Moms: Hearing the Complexities of Work/Life Balance by Holly Taylor Coolman: “We parent best when we do not do it alone, when we we share both the challenges and the celebrations of family life, and when we know immediately who can be listed as an ‘emergency contact’ or whom to call when we need help in the middle of the night. Christian communities might especially remember that way in which not only individual parents but the whole community bears responsibility for the nurture and education of the children among us.”

Understanding the Mechanics of the Incarnation II: An Interview with Larry Chapp by Artur Rosman: “A truly Transcendent God is radically distinct from finitude which is precisely what makes his omnipresence in all finite things most intimately, possible. Thus, it is possible for a truly Transcendent God to be metaphysically ‘present’ in our spatio-temporal world without for all that becoming localized.”

Catholicism growing in heart of Muslim world by John Allen: “The typical Christian in the world today isn’t a middle-class white male in Dubuque pulling up to church in his Lincoln Continental. She is an impoverished black mother of four in Nigeria, or a Dalit grandmother in India, or an exploited Filipina maid in Saudi Arabia. They often face hardships that are hard for most American Christians, accustomed to material comfort and lacking any real experience of religious persecution, to fathom. Until you get that, you won’t see the full story of Christianity in this era.”

Why Parents Worry About Technology, But Struggle to Limit Its Use by Jeffrey Dill: “New technologies increase our freedom, choice, and convenience. And this is exactly why we love them. The technologies parents find so challenging in raising children enable precisely the things we cherish.”

How to Support Work-Family Flexibility by Anna Sutherland: “The homecare allowance pays a salary to any parent (typically the mother) who does not use public nurseries and makes their own childcare arrangements. The money becomes a salary for stay-at-home mothers who do the job themselves. Alternatively, it can be used flexibly to pay for informal childcare (by grandparents, trusted neighbors, or friends) or to subsidize private childcare costs.”

Thirsting for Lent by Daniel Horan: “To die from lack of water is perhaps one of the most dehumanizing ways for a life to end. And yet, millions of people face this threat every day.”

Modern Parenthood: All Joy and No Fun? by Amber Lapp : “Religious people have long made the distinction between joy and happiness and have seen suffering and duty as stitches in the tapestry of joy. As Senior herself suggests, this view, and the altered expectations that come with it, would serve us modern parents well.”

Assad taking advantage of U.S.-Russia split over Ukraine by Liz Sly, Washington Post: “Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is taking advantage of the rift between Russia and the United States over Ukraine to press ahead with plans to crush the rebellion against his rule and secure his reelection for another seven-year term, unencumbered by pressure to compromise with his opponents.”

What NOT to say if you’re a pro-life politician by Rachel Enders: “It is compassion that will further the pro-life movement. It is compassion that will change hearts and minds. It is compassion that will pass legislation. It is compassion that will end abortion. If we are to make any progress, the judgment and ignorance have got to go.”