20 Key Moments from Post Francis in Millennial’s Second Year

Pope Francis has given us a lot of stories to cover in our second year. Here are some of the highlights from this year:

9/6/13: Pope Francis telephones depressed pregnant single woman, offers to baptize child

10/1/13: 15 Key Quotes from Pope Francis’ New Interview

10/30/13: Pope Francis had a special visitor hang out with him on stage

11/1/13: Pope Francis wants to hear your opinion

11/6/13: Pope Francis kisses a man with neurofibromatosis

11/26/13: Pope Francis releases new apostolic exhortation: Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel)

12/10/13: Pope Francis: Time to Shake the World and End Hunger

12/16/13: Pope Francis removes Cardinal Burke from Congregation of the Bishops

2/23/14: Pope Francis in iPhone Video: Pray to the Lord that he will unite us all

3/11/14: Pope Francis: There Is No Special Set of “Non-Negotiable” Values

3/22/14: Pope Francis Creates Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors

3/26/14: Bishop of Bling fired by Pope Francis

4/9/14: Top 5 Quotes from Pope Francis’ Recent Interview with Young People

4/14/14: Top 10 Quotes from Pope Francis’ 2014 World Youth Day Message

5/25/14: Israeli, Palestinian leaders to visit Vatican to Restart Peace Talks

6/3/14: Pope Francis’ encyclical will be on environment, poverty

6/5/14: Pope Francis fires Vatican financial board

6/21/14: Pope Francis: Mafia is excommunicated

7/25/14: Pope Francis to visit the United States in 2015

7/30/14: Pope Francis’ Top 10 Keys to Happiness