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Solidarity forever by Stephen Schneck: “Solidarity is indeed greater than gold, greater than the mere might of armies. It is also a virtue that’s been spiraling down in long retreat. Neighborhoods, families, and all the little communities of our daily lives have faded in an era that valorizes the self and makes individual choice absolute. Labor unions and the Catholic Church have been similarly impacted. The logic of our age seems to work against solidarity. Some argue that union and parish halls have become quiet, gray-haired places. But something’s afoot and things are changing.”

Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now by Ta-Nehisi Coates: “More than any individual actor, in recent history, Roof honored his flag in exactly the manner it always demanded—with human sacrifice. Surely the flag’s defenders will proffer other, muddier, interpretations which allow them the luxury of looking away. In this way they honor their ancestors. Cowardice, too, is heritage.”

Millennial men want to ‘have it all,’ too by Alex Durand: “We already know that Millennials are innovative and willing to change with the time. Perhaps our opportunity lies in having the privilege of using our Millennial drive for purpose and meaning to help engage each other in a robust reexamination about what it means to be a father, mother, and human in the 21st century.”

Labor Movement Hopes to Get a Bump From Pope Francis Visit by Elizabeth Dias: “Monday’s event stressed a shared theological and moral foundation for protecting and supporting laborers, and Wuerl’s and Trumka’s language was at times interchangeable.”

Down syndrome screening isn’t about public health. It’s about eliminating a group of people. by Renate Lindeman: “Screening and selection say nothing about the inherent worth of people with Down syndrome. They say everything about the elevation of the capacity for economic achievement above other human traits. My children are fascinating, demanding, delightful, present, annoying, dependent, loving, cuddly, different, unpredictable and completely human, just like other children. They are not a mistake, a burden or a reflection of my “personal choice,” but an integral part of society.”

New $10 bill to feature a woman by New $10 bill to feature a woman by Kevin Cirilli: “Alexander Hamilton will share the $10 bill, which will feature the first woman on American paper currency in more than 100 years, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew announced Thursday. Lew said he would announce which woman was chosen before the end of the year, after the administration seeks national input this summer.”

Hawaii raises smoking age to 21 by Elliot Smilowitz: “Hawaii Gov. David Ige on Friday signed into law a bill making his state the first to raise the legal smoking age to 21.”

The Victims of the Charleston, SC, Church Massacre by Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele: “These are the nine people who lost their lives when a gunman opened fire inside Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday evening in Charleston, S.C., as confirmed by Rae Wooten, the Charleston County coroner.”

The Benedict Option at the Crossroads of Ethics and Economics By Caleb Bernacchio and Philip de Mahy: “Proponents of the Benedict Option must seek to build new forms of community life that reject the destructive elements of modern economics as well as modern ethics. Such a project is at once more radical and more mundane than has been envisioned by many proponents of the Benedict Option.”

The Encyclical Cometh by Michael Sean Winters: “For Francis, wrecking the environment is of a piece with other injustices perpetrated by an economic system that worships the false idol of profit, lives on an unsustainable amount of consumerism and consumer consumption, and posits competition as its modus operandi, relegating not only products but people into the morally illicit category of losers. The text will be prophetic in the best sense of the word.”