Millennial Catholics on Pope Francis’ Laudato Si (Praised Be)

Check out these articles on Pope Francis’ new encyclical from millennial Catholics:

Peace: an unexpected reaction to ‘Laudato Si’ by Dan DiLeo: “Now, after finally reading Laudato Si, I am absolutely convinced that Francis will indeed inspire humanity to save ourselves from ourselves and avoid catastrophic climate change. And I am unexpectedly peaceful about it.”

Pope Francis’s Vision of a Moral Ecology Will Challenge Both Republicans and Democrats by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig: “As we look toward our next national election, it is evident that neither major political party in America is a natural home for the kind of moral ecology Francis envisions. This is not a new observation, but perhaps Francis’s success at commanding the attention of the media combined with his interest in reaching out to young people will press the issue to the forefront.”

Pope Francis’ new encyclical is about climate change — and much more by Christopher White: “It’s his concern for the poor, a constant theme throughout his papacy, that makes him champion these issues. It is, after all, the poor and vulnerable who suffer the most from abuses to our environment, and it’s Francis’ deeply held Catholic conviction that the earth — and all of creation — is not ours to own, use, and abuse, but is a gift from God that must be protected and preserved to point us back to the Creator.”

4 Things Pope Francis Wants You to Know About Climate Change by Jennifer Labbadia: “Pope Francis explains that intergenerational solidarity is not optional, but rather a basic question of justice and human dignity.”

The encyclical is first and foremost about human relationships by Allison Walter: “Francis, who dreams of a poor church for the poor, wastes no time in highlighting the outsized impact of environmental degradation on the poor, especially migrants.”

Pope’s Encyclical: Authentic Human Development Has a Moral Character by Stephen Seufert: “As Catholics, the right to life and the responsibility to protect and promote life are of paramount concern. Pope Francis realizes attacks to life come in a variety of forms. Inflicting harm on our common home is one such threat to life.”

Why ‘Laudato Si’’ is the Perfect Encyclical for Millennials by Kerry Weber: “For a generation accustomed to instant-streaming videos and free, two-day shipping, knowing we might not see the end results of our work for a cleaner, more peaceful planet can be frustrating. But that’s also part of the joy. Through our actions we are connected to the generations before us who cared for the earth on our behalf, and for the generations after us, who will inherit it.”

What you need to know about Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical by Christiana Z. Peppard: “‘Integral ecology,’ for Francis, means an attention to the necessary interaction and wholeness of relationships: with God, with other people, with Creation and with ourselves. His consistent reasoning of respect for vulnerable life finds articulation here.”