Searching for a Vocation: Facing a Quarter-Life Crisis

Millennial writer Allison Walter has a new article at NCR:

A recent study from LinkedIn says that millennials switch jobs on average of four times in their first decade out of college. Some might see that as a symptom of the “next-best-thing”-generation. But I don’t think it’s necessarily a negative phenomenon. To me, it’s a manifestation of the admirably desperate search for vocation.

I acknowledge this is not every young person’s reality. Many are stripped of this freedom because there are immediate needs to meet. I acknowledge the privilege of choice. I am grateful that right now I have that freedom —that I only have myself to worry about and that I have the luxury of a college education.

Yet, while this freedom to discern and choose is an incredible privilege, it’s also admittedly a tough time for many young people. Societal pressure can lead to self-doubt, the threat of a ticking clock can lead to anxiety, and uncertainty can lead to paralysis. Many young people during this period of time do indeed experience what could be understood as a quarter-life crisis.

During these uncertain times for young people, it’s easy to doubt the unique plan that God has for us, and, sometimes, even to lose hope altogether.

So I want to give a bit of encouragement to all those who are deeply seeking their vocations and are a little scared. To ensure that discernment doesn’t turn into disaster, take heart from this quarter-life crisis pep talk, drawing on the words of Francis. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll reassure myself along the way.

You can read the full article here.