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Don’t be fooled: Assad is no friend of Syria’s Christian minorities by Bahnan Yamin, Samira Moubayed, Mirna Barq, and George Stifo: “Syrians right now, both Christians and Muslim, are the victims of a tyrannical regime on the one side and radical Islamist terrorists such as ISIS and al-Qaeda and other radical groups on the other. Yet the vast majority of Syrians inside Syria and throughout the world simply want a secular democratic country like we enjoy here in the United States, with equal rights for all citizens.”

Why We Must Support Human Rights by John McCain: “America didn’t invent human rights. Those rights are common to all people: nations, cultures and religions cannot choose to simply opt out of them.”

A Response to Fr. Sirico by Michael Sean Winters: “Until libertarians view the common good as more than the sum of individual desires sifted through market decisions, until they cure their allergy to government intervention to alleviate human problems, until they place the actual lived circumstances of people in front of their ideological commitments, they will not be able to wrap themselves, not even a little, in the mantle of Catholic social doctrine.”

Trump is waging a war on millennials by Catherine Rampell: “The rest of the Trump agenda could be broadly characterized as full-on generational warfare against the young. If enacted, it will rob millennials and subsequent generations of earnings, benefits, consumer protections and even — if you look far enough into the future — a habitable place to live.”

You say you’re pro-life, but then you want to limit health care for my disabled son By Preston Yancey: “I want to believe better of the pro-life community. I want to believe they care about Jack’s long-term health and not just the fact that he was born. I want to call them pro-life, not antiabortion. But the conversations (or the silence) around health care makes us wonder.”

The Problem With Linking Abortion and Economics by Lori Szala: “We cannot allow the real, complex needs of abortion-seeking women to get lost in today’s polarized abortion debate. Our society must not settle for leaving women who face unplanned pregnancy no hope but abortion.”

In Win for Environmentalists, Senate Keeps an Obama-Era Climate Change Rule by NY Times: “In a surprising victory for President Barack Obama’s environmental legacy, the Senate voted on Wednesday to uphold an Obama-era climate change regulation to control the release of methane from oil and gas wells on public land.”

Church Militant’s nonsense not authentically Catholic by Michael Sean Winters: “The bishops need to consider how they can ensure that no one mistakes Church Militant for the authentic church, which, day in and day out, cares for the poor, wrestles with the truth in humility, celebrates the sacraments and tries to build up the unity that arises from those sacraments, and applies the medicine of mercy to a hurting world.”

The Last Person You’d Expect to Die in Childbirth by Nina Martin and Renee Montagne: “The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal deaths in the developed world, and 60 percent are preventable.”

Trump Has Sparked the Biggest Political Crisis Since Watergate by Jonathan Chait: “A vital, bipartisan norm of American politics holds that the president can only fire the FBI director for cause — not to install a loyalist, and certainly not to influence an investigation into the president or his associates.”

Protests against removing Confederate monuments are not really about history by Christine Emba: “But there is no way to satisfy this longing for “America as it used to be” in the context of what America is becoming and should have always been: a democracy in which all citizens are of equal value. There will always be space for remembering our history, but remembering isn’t the end of it: We must also decide which parts of it are worthy of continued celebration and which are not.”