Christopher White Profiles Steve Schneck

Millennial writer Christopher White profiles Steve Schneck at Crux:

With that in mind, economics, immigration, and poverty became the three pillars of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies.

“I’m especially proud of where I think we really contributed to these conversations both in the Church and in American public life in general,” Schneck recalls.

“We have held a total of three really major conferences on economics that have been critical of libertarian economics and thought on politics and society – all carefully grounded in the Church’s traditional teaching and traditional teachings on Catholic social thought.”

Under the banner of “erroneous autonomy,” a phrase first used by Pope Pius XI in his encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, these conferences examined the dignity of work, the threats of hyper-individualism and globalization, and just wages, by policymakers and bishops alike.

Given the elevated attention these issues have seen in the life of the Church during the Francis papacy, the timing of these conferences have seemed providential to Schneck. “Even though we started on this before the election of Pope Francis, it’s been interesting to see how well it seems to fit with his mission. We found much of this in Benedict XVI’s writings, of course, but under the pontificate of Pope Francis it’s been a reverberating echo of everything we’ve been trying to do.”

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