Four Ways to Share Faith With Your Toddler

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

Millennial Catholic Jonathan Lewis writes:

Families too can develop a spiritual calendar. Our calendar includes special anniversaries, family saint days, liturgical seasons and baptism anniversaries.

On a daily basis our best family prayer time is at night. Our bedtime routine includes thanking God for what happened during the day and praying for friends, family members and anything else that pops into the mind of a 2-year-old….

Sunday Mass can be a particularly meaningful yet exasperating time to parent a toddler. We have been successful at focusing during Mass by sitting close enough to the front for our daughter to see the action taking place on the altar….

Whenever we practice being kind, patient or saying “I’m sorry,” we are passing on faith to our children. Sometimes a sense of fervor or a limited imagination leads us to think that the only way we share our faith is by spending time in religious buildings or talking about religious things. It’s important to remember that everything that is good, true and beautiful directs the heart toward God….

In his historic study on youth and religion, sociologist Christian Smith notes that when it comes to passing on faith to children, parents tend to “get what you are,” that is, young people are most likely to stay engaged with religious practice if their parents do also.

The most important thing that we can do to pass along our Catholic faith is the same, whether we are parenting toddlers or teenagers: recommit to our own relationship with Jesus Christ and his church.